The "EEE" ( in Spanish, Equipo de Estudiantes Emprendedores) was founded by professor Alex Rodríguez and a group of entrepreneurial students, with various education backgrounds. (Founders: Manuel Canario, John Rodríguez, Pablo Rivera, Roberto González, Jennifer Pérez and Taína Colón, in 2009). The “EEE” purpose is to develop teams of students-leaders that will follow and execute the CDE philosophy, helping other students achieve leadership status in the campus by developing their entrepreneurial mind-set and transformational involvement in and out the University



“EEE” is formed by multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams of students committed to create a network of hard working entrepreneurs that would impact the University, Puerto Rico and the world.

The “EEE” students are the heart of the CDE entrepreneurship yearly plan. “EEE” is empowered to coordinate and to perform innovative, creative and entrepreneurial activities, projects and events.







The International Entrepreneurship Association started in February 2015. A team of international students, passionate about the entrepreneurial concept initiated, together with Marc Ortiz, the first entrepreneurship association for international students at Metro Campus. The association is a energetic and dynamic initiative that will work hand-in-hand with EEE to create the most innovative and creative activities to propel entrepreneurship to students at the campus and international It is based at the Center for the Development of Entrepreneurs in the Metro Campus library (CAI). The association is fully bilingual and is open for international students no matter what educational discipline








For almost a decade, EEE served as a benchmark and an outstanding student association organizing over 680 professional activities and events. Every campus had similar student associations or student ambassadors. In 2017, InterEmprende Champions agreed to use one name for a systemic student association. InterEmprende, the entrepreneurial student association, was born.



Estudiantes InterEmprende