The CDE (in Spanish, Centro de Desarrollo de Emprendedores) is a laboratory for the development and awareness of the entrepreneurial mind-set. This space enables students and professors share and develop creative-entrepreneurial high impact ideas.





The purpose of the CDE is to educate and to promote the entrepreneurship concept. Members encourage professors and students to participate in an entrepreneurial transformation that is taking place in the Metropolitan Campus and the Inter American University as a whole. The goal is to create an entrepreneurial ecosystem and community.



To develop leaders and entrepreneurs, through education, learning by doing processes, awareness of the entrepreneurial concept, and development of the entrepreneur mind-set to create an entrepreneurial culture based on a holistic foundation and passion for the future.




To be dreamers, creators, transformational leaders and entrepreneurs working in an atmosphere of respect, comradeship and teamwork, honesty and perseverance, positive and organize mentality, integrated into a family-oriented environment to develop exhilarating mentors with the desire to share ideas with one goal in mind... to succeed.

To become visionaries seeking opportunities, engaging resources and taking actions to transform our lives and the lives of those who are in social and/or economic need into a community of positive achievers

Presidenta – Asociación InterEmprende Metro Estudiantil
Naomi Santana
Ext. 2529