Join a global community of students at one of the Caribbean leading institutions in Puerto Rico. Students from other universities and adult students are  welcome to choose courses. Discover Puerto Rico's vast cultural, recreational, and social opportunities.


Learn at the Interamerican University

Current Interamerican undergraduate and graduate students and visiting students from around the world are invited to join us at the Inter this summer.


SCHOOL CODE - 003940

Class Programs for Summer Sessions



Undergraduate: $190.00 per credit (Except Medical Technology)
Graduate: $215.00 per credit
Doctoral: $310.00 per credit (Except Entrepreneurial and Managerial Development )
Doctoral in Entrepreneurial and Managerial Development: $417.00 per credit

Undergraduate Summer Fees

Summer Administration Fee: $28.00
First Aid Center: $6.00
Student Center Fee: $6.00
Center for Access to Information : $12.00

Infrastructure Fee:

  • less than 9 credits: $45.00
  • more than 9 credits: $55.00

Building Improvements and Maintenance Fee: $31.00

Each Labs Fees: $30.00

Apply Today!

Apply today for our program. Courses have limited availability. Have questions?
Call us at 1 (787) 765-1270 or email efebres@metro.inter.edu

Recruitment Admission Director
Reinaldo Robles
Tel. 1 (787) 765-1270