As special students:

  • Students from other institutions of higher education who are authorized to render courses at this University to meet requirements of their institution of origin.
  • People are not interested in obtaining a graduate degree to take courses but for personal or professional development.
  • The Department of Education teachers who wish to satisfy requirements of the agency. Students from other institutions of higher education must submit a certification from the institution indicating the courses for which they will receive credit. Teachers will be required a letter from their Superintendent, in which they are certified teachers with university degrees. Special students will not have to include their academic records for admission purposes.


All applicants interested in courses not in turn get the degrees or certificates offered by this University may be admitted provided that they meet the minimum entry requirement and steps 1 and 5 Steps for Undergraduate Admission. Any applicant who later decide to continue their studies to obtain a degree or certificate must meet all the requirements and steps of procedure for admission to the University.