General Information Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology


The Department offers completion of a Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology. This option is for those students who, from their first year of University, are directed to study Medical Technology and are interested in changing their concentration to a Bachelor's Degree in Medical Technology (code 165).

Once accepted to the Medical Technology Program, in the fourth year of the bachelor's degree program at the University, you will complete the theoretical and practical courses in Medical Technology. Knowing if you are ready to meet the concentration courses is essential. The courses in the Program have a capacity of 25 students. For this reason, for this last year, admission to the Program must be requested, and the student must complete the application form. Once the application has been completed and the admission requirements have been met, students will be selected competitively, according to the Program's scope.

Upon completing the Program, the graduate can take the Board Test offered by the PR Medical Technologist Examining Board and the American Society of Clinical Pathologists (ASCP).

The course tuition for the twelve consecutive months in the Program is $10,442. The costs of the textbook, medical plan, lab coats, and general University fees are not included in the cost of the University.

The Mission of the Program is to prepare health professionals in the field of Medical Technology, offering them an academic and practical education to provide services in clinical laboratories, research laboratories, and other areas related to laboratory sciences. The goals of the Program are the following:

  1. To provide excellent academic instruction by developing medical technologists or clinical laboratory scientists with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for a clinical laboratory sciences professional entering the profession.
  2. To develop individuals trained to communicate and interact with patients, their peers, and other health professionals practicing moral and ethical principles, complying with the laws governing the laboratory and Medical Technology profession.
  3. To prepare entrepreneurial professionals whose specialized education in laboratory sciences allows them to perform in different settings as clinical instructors, consultants, supervisors, administrators, educators, researchers, and others through an innovative curriculum that promotes clinical research.

Advantages of the Bachelor's Degree in Medical Technology

  1. Avoid taking courses that are not required for Medical Technology.
  2. You could continue with the financial aid from the student scholarship until you complete your bachelor's degree in Medical Technology.
  3. With the knowledge acquired in Medical Technology, in addition to the clinical laboratory, you could seek employment in the pharmaceutical industry, research laboratories, and forensic laboratories, as a science educator, clinical laboratory administrator, laboratory inspector, and propagandist of medical products.

Financial Aid (if qualified)

  1. Student Scholarship
  2. Student Loan
  3. Other aid is subject to availability.