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The Inter American University of Puerto Rico, Metro campus offers its prestigious Master Degree in Business Administration (MBA).  The curriculum for the Master Degree in Business Administration aims to provide a broad base and a solid preparation in management and the organization of business activities. We invite you to discover how Inter Metro could be part of your MBA future.

About MBA

The Inter American University of Puerto Rico, Metro campus offers its prestigious Master in Business Administration (MBA). The curriculum for the Master’s Degree in Business Administration aims to provide a broad base and a solid preparation in management and organization of business activities.

In addition, the Program gives students an opportunity to specialize in one of the many functional areas of this discipline. The core courses required of all students stress the general principles and training applicable to all organizations.

They cover a wide spectrum of disciplines such as decision theory, management processes, application of quantitative analysis to managerial problems, contributions of the behavioral sciences to functional areas of business management and relations of business organizations to socio-economic and political environments. Reference to special problems of business management, in areas like Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, is an additional objective.


At the Inter Metro, you’ll learn how to leverage your strengths and discover new possibilities as you pave the unique path to the career of your dream.

With renowned faculty and expert staff at your side, you’ll prepare to advance your career with:

Skills: From your very first class, you’ll see how the Inter curriculum place you at an advantage. The one-semester Integrated Core provides an unprecedented breadth of cross-functional business knowledge, giving you the foundation to successfully pursue your personal career goals through your choice of major, minor or even a joint degree.

Insight: You’ll share your major studies with your profesor that immerses you in your chosen field with hands-on projects and deep career insight. Along with Graduate Career Services from day one, your profesors will help achieve your goals during your internship and your career.

Experience: Convert theory into practice and strengthen your leadership skills with real-world projects and international programs.

Opportunity: Dream big—and grab it. The Inter Metro University team of faculty, staff, and alumni will help you achieve more than you thought possible.

Admission Requirements for Master's Programs

To be considered for admission, students must:

  • Have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution.
  • Have a grade point index of 2.50 or above in the last sixty credit hours of academic work (at
the undergraduate level or a combination of undergraduate and graduate credits in case the
applicant already has a graduate degree from an accredited university.)
  • Demonstrate, through an examination or other appropriate means as determined by the
academic department or division, the ability to interpret professional material, both in Spanish
and English, and the ability to express themselves correctly in writing in one of these languages.
  • Request an evaluation of their transcript by a specialized agency or by the academic unit
where they are applying if their bachelor’s degree or equivalent is from an accredited university
that uses a grading system different from that in effect at this University.
  • Meet the test results of any test established by the program you are applying to.
  • Meet the admission criteria of the programs to which they are requesting admission.
  • Present the official scores of Graduate Managerial Admission Test (GMAT) or Examen de
Admision a Estudios Graduados (EXADEP) or Miller Analogies Test (MAT) or Graduate Records
Test (GRE), or its equivalent in others areas such as law or medicine fields.

Conditional Admission

Students not fulfilling all baccalaureate course requirements for admission to Master Degree
Programs may be conditionally admitted. Such students must complete these requirements,
with a minimum grade of B, before or during the term in which they pass their first twelve (12)
graduate credits. In addition, they will have until the beginning of the next registration period to
complete the other documents required in their conditional admission.

Admission Requirements for the Master’s Degree in Business
Administration (M.B.A.)

Students requesting admission to the Master’s Degree in Business Administration Program

  • Meet the requirements established in the section “Admission Requirements for Masters’
  • Present evidence of having passed the following courses at the Bachelor’s level with a
minimum grade
 of C:
Economics (Micro and Macro) 6 credits
Statistics (descriptive and inferential) 6 credits
    • Accounting I and II 6‐8 credits

In addition to the requirements listed above, students who choose anyone of the following
specializations must have passed the following courses at the baccalaureate level with a
minimum grade of C:

  • Accounting
  • Intermediate Accounting I and II (or their equivalents)
  • Managerial Information Systems
  • Introductory course in the area of computers (or its equivalent)
  • A course in computer programming (or its equivalent)

Students who have not taken all of the required courses may request a conditional admission.

The Metropolitan Campus is authorized to offer the General Program through Internet.

Admission of Foreign Students

Foreign students should direct their inquiries to the campus they plan to attend. Generally, they
are not admitted without a personal interview. University personnel will interview applicants in
nearby countries where the number of applicants justifies the expense. If this arrangement is
not justified, applicants are required to come to Puerto Rico on a tourist visa for an interview at
their own expense. If an interview is necessary for distance learning students studying outside
Puerto Rico, the interview may be conducted through means available to the student. The
interview will be supervised by a proctor from the student’s locality, as determined by the
University. If the applicants are approved for admission, the Admissions Office fills out the I-20
Form A from the Immigration and Naturalization Service which enables them to obtain student
visas. This Form will not be filled out for students admitted to study outside Puerto Rico through
one of the distance learning modalities. Please, contact The Office of Foreign Relations at Metro

Core Course Requirements


Core Course Requirements 24 credits
Specialization Requirements 15 credits
Prescribed Distributive Requirements 3 credits
Total 42

Core Course Requirements ‐ 24 credits

BADM 5010 Quantitative Methods in Decision Making
BADM 5020 Managerial Economics
BADM 5040 Accounting for Managers
BADM 5070 Public Policy toward Business
BADM 5090 Marketing Management
BADM 5100 Organizational Theory and Behavior
BADM 5190 Managerial Finance I
BADM 6500 Integration Seminar in Entrepreneurial Strategies
(3)- Three credits each course

MBAs Programs

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Industrial Management
  • MBA General Program
  • The Joint Degree Program
  • Executive MBA
  • Managerial Information Systems
  • MBA Turismo

International And National Partners


  • APONTE VÁZQUEZ, JUAN B., Catedrático de Administración de Empresas. Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania.
  • BENABE, LUIS, Catedrático Asociado de Administración de Empresas. B.S. Universidad de Puerto Rico; M.B.A. Rutgers The State University. Ph.D.(c) University of Pennsylvania.
  • CASTILLO COLÓN VÍCTOR, Catedrático de Economía. B.A., M.P. Universidad de Puerto Rico; Ph.D. Doctor en Economía, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.
  • COLÓN CORA, RAFAEL, Catedrático de Recursos Humanos. B.S., M.P.A. Universidad de Puerto Rico; Ph.D. Northwestern University.
  • COLÓN TORRES, BALTAZARA, Catedrática de Economía. B.A. Universidad de Puerto Rico; M.A., Ph.D. Rutgers University.
  • CUÉ GARCÍA, FELIX, Catedrático de Economía y Administración de Empresas. B.A.,M.A. Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico; Ph.D. Oklahoma State University.
  • FLORES MARTÍNEZ, LUIS, Catedrático Asociado de Educación. B.A., M.S., J.D. Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico; Ph.D. Walden University.
  • FREYRE, JORGE, Catedrático y Profesor Distinguido de Economía. M.A., Ph.D. Yale University; Doctor en Derecho, Universidad de La Habana.
  • GARZA PONCE DE LEÓN, EDMUNDO, Catedrático Auxiliar de Finanzas. B.S.,M.B.A. Universidad de Puerto Rico.
  • JUMAH, AHMAD, Catedrático de Finanzas y Contabilidad. M.B.A. Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico; Ph.D. Manchester Business School.
  • KARMAN FERNÁNDEZ, JUAN C, Catedrático Asociado de Sistemas de Información. B.B.A. Universidad de Puerto Rico; M.I.S. Universidad del Sagrado Corazón. D.B.A. Universidad del Turabo
  • LLORÉNS RIVERA, ANTONIO A., Catedrático Asociado de Economía. B.A., M.A. Universidad de Puerto Rico; Ph.D. The Ohio State University.
  • MALDONADO MOLL OLGA, Catedrática de Sistemas de Oficina. B.B.S. Universidad de Puerto Rico; M.B.A. New York University; Ph.D. Argosy University.
  • MARTÍNEZ CALIMANO, ENRIQUE., Catedrático Asociado en Negocios Internacionales y Contabilidad. B.B.A.Universidad de Puerto Rico; M.B.A. Universidad Metropolitana; D.B.A. Argosy University, Florida.
  • MILÁN OLIVIERI, ARLINE, Catedrática de Recursos Humanos. B.A. Universidad de Puerto Rico; M.A. Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico; M.A. New York University; Ph.D. Walden University.
  • PADRÓ RIVERA, JOSÉ R, Catedrático de Matemáticas. B.S. Universidad de Puerto Rico; M.A. Ohio State University; Ph. D. Saint Louis University.
  • RIVAS MORALES, ANA MARÍA, Catedrática Asociada de Relaciones Laborales. B.A., M.P.A. Universidad de Puerto Rico.
  • RIVERA DE MÁRQUEZ, ELBA, Catedrática de Educación Comercial.B.S. City University of New York; Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico; Ph.D. New YorkUniversity.
  • RIVERA RODRÍGUEZ, ÁNGEL, Catedrático Asociado de Economía. B.A. Universidad de Puerto Rico; M.A. Harvard University.
  • RUIZ MERCADO, ÁNGEL L., Catedrático de Economía. B.A. Universidad de Puerto Rico; M.A. Universidad de California en Berkeley; Ph.D. Universidad de Gales.
  • VIVES AMENGUAL, EVANGELINA, Catedrática de Contabilidad. B.B.A. Universidad de Puerto Rico; M.B.A., Ph.D. New York University; J.D. Brooklyn Law School.
  • ZALACAÍN, FERNANDO, Catedrático de Economía. M.S. Florida International University; Ph.D. University of Illinois. (Honorary Professor)