Doctor of Business Administration Degree (DBA) with Specialization in Finance


Doctor of Business Administration Degree (DBA) with Specialization in Finance

The DBA program is designed to develop professionals, researchers and academics in the discipline of finance with an interest in developing skills related to practical and financial consulting. Consider the economic and financial events ethically. Highlight the knowledge of theories and practices in maintaining financial discipline proactive, objective and sensitive.

The DBA (Finance) Program is based on the following statement: Higher education, with emphasis on research that links modern theories in finance with current practice enables graduates to perform the work with excellence and leadership, to ensure its best performance in the society.

Fredrick Vega Lozada, LL.M., Dean

Admission Requirements

Academic Requirements for the Admission in Doctoral Programs

The student, as a minimum, must:

  • Have a reasonable command of the English and Spanish languages.
  • Have completed with a passing grade by the University (?) within the last five years preceding the date of requested admission, one of the following tests required for admission of the specific program:
    • Graduate Record Examination (GRE).
    • Miller Analogy Test (MAT).
    • Admission Test Graduate Studies (EXADEP).
    • Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT).
  • Have sent three letters of recommendation
  • Be interviewed by the Admissions Committee of the program and be recommended by this.


Students interested in requesting admission to this Program must:

  • Have a Master in Business Administration or an equivalent degree, if it presents evidence of experience in this field.
  • Have approved courses at the graduate level, with a minimum grade of B, in: accounting, finance (9 credits), statistics (3 credits), and economics (3 credits).
  • Have a minimum general average of 3.00.
  • Demonstrate, by means of an essay in the area of finance, your mastery of the subject and your capability to express yourself correctly in writing in Spanish or in English.
Goals and Objectives of the DBA with Specialization in Finance

Goals of the (DBA) with Specialization in Finance

  • Provide opportunities for higher and continuing education and research in finance that assist academics, researchers and professionals to contribute to the development of the finance discipline by relating financial theories to business and economic practices and policies.
  • Contribute for the development of managers and leaders with skills related to the financial theories and practices to perform functions within companies in innovative manner and have the necessary tools to contribute to the knowledge of human beings, in particular applicable to finance discipline.
  • Respond appropriately to current and emerging needs and interests of Puerto Rican society and geographical areas of greatest relevance; the United States, the Caribbean and Central and South America.


Objectives of the (DBA) with specialization in Finance

  • Strengthen the conceptual and methodological skills required to plan, manage and lead creative and original scientific research in the practical.
  • Provide a modern curriculum content, human and overall and encouraged the development of analytical and critical thinking.
  • Promote research oriented to achieving levels of efficiency and productivity that contribute to economic growth, reduce unemployment rate.
  • Contribute to the formation of highly trained people in the form of individual, group, participatory and collaborative that demonstrate leadership, dedication and ongoing commitment to finding innovative and creative solutions to problems of greater relevance in the field of finance in the local and global level.
  • Promote the active participation of students and faculty of the Program in solving problems with respect to development, economic and social conditions in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.
  • Exposing students and the community to different trends of knowledge, practice and philosophies in the field of finance.
Graduation Requirements

The student must meet the following graduation requirements:

  • Approve the forty-eight (48) credits of the program.
  • Complete the (DBA) with specialization in Finance Program credits with a minimum GPA of 3.00.
  • Have passed the comprehensive examinations in accordance with the requirements of the Program.
  • Approve the defense of doctoral dissertation.

The student must meet the requirements for the degree within a period of eight (8) years. The Graduate Committee may recommend to the relevant authorities to extend the term for a period not exceeding two (2) years exceptionally meritorious.



A student who meets all the requirements of the proposed program will be conferred the degree of Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) with apecialization in Finance.

Curriculum Sequence
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Profile of Graduate Competencies

The program is designed to enable the development of the following skills:


Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of:

  • current financial situations.
  • classical and modern theories in the area of finance.
  • different research methods in finance.


  • Evaluate actual cases of finances.
  • Integrate between actual practices and theories in finance.
  • Apply appropriate research methods to financial models.


  • Pricing different points of view with respect to theoretical and practical finance field.
  • Conduct with conformity to ethical aspects in the research process in the finance field.

Economy School Profesor – DBAF Committee Member
Antonio Lloréns

Economy School Profesor – DBAF Committee Member
Antonio Fernós