Teacher Education Program


In harmony with the vision and the mission for the TEP, the following goals, in coherence with the profile of competencies of graduates of the Program, are established.

  1. Develop educational professionals focused on the mastery of the knowledge of the discipline within the context of a scientific, pedagogical and humanist culture.
  1. Promote research, the management of information and the use of technology as means to generate the production and construction of knowledge that will result in the improvement of pedagogical practice within the education system.
  1. Develop education professionals, who are sensitive to the needs and interests of the diverse social groups that exist in the population, within a context of human transformation.
  1. Promote the solution of problem related to the educational environment within the frame of ethical, legal and social responsibility that regulates the profession.
  1. Develop educational leaders committed to their professional development as a means to promote a better pedagogical practice and, therefore, a better quality of life within the context of a culture of peace.