Center for Applied Scientific Research


Centro de Investigación Científica y Aplicada (CICA Spanish Acronym)


Develop basic and applied research in the Faculty of Science and Technology within the parameters of excellence and relevance to current and future needs of the society.

CICA is committed to:

  • Promoting and encouraging multidisciplinary research as a means to enable positive transformations in higher education systems of Puerto Rico.
  • Is based on leadership, investigative and scientific talents of faculty and students at Metropolitan Campus.
  • Through training, support, mentorship and the promotion of democratic and ethical practices, researchers in CICA provide an environment for creativity and innovation.

Our research students are co-authors in posters and peer-reviewed journals  and have the opportunity to present their research findings at national and international symposiums and conferences. Resulting in them being competitive, working in collaborative research and accepted in numerous graduate programs.